Internet Speed: Why You Don’t Get High Speed Even After 5G Network

Internet Speed: Why You Don’t Get High Speed Even After 5G Network
Internet Speed: Why You Don’t Get High Speed Even After 5G Network [Image via:]

If you’re frustrated with slow internet, this news is crucial for you. Many times, even after the 5G internet, the speed of the phone remains quite low. This causes a lot of trouble for users. Due to slow internet in the phone, many times essential work gets stuck.


To get high speed, users often restart their phones. This is because restarting can be a solution to the internet not working. With restarting the phone, the issue of connectivity also decreases. Even after having a recharge pack in the smartphone, there is a problem with the internet. In such a situation, if you follow some tips, you can increase the speed of the internet in the phone.

Essential Tips to Follow for High Internet Speed

To get high internet speed, users should restart their phones. In fact, on many occasions, restarting the phone increases the internet speed. Let me tell you that, with restarting the phone, the connectivity issue gets resolved. Not only this, but the network setting also gets refreshed.

For high internet speed, network coverage should be checked. In such a situation, the internet not running in the phone is often related to network coverage. This is because if there is no stable network signal in the phone, then there is a problem with the internet. You can also solve this problem by changing the location or network mode (5G, 4G, 3G).

You should keep updating the software. This is because the problem of the internet in the phone is also due to not updating the software. In fact, many times users do not update the software, due to which the problem of low internet speed in the phone starts.

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You should clear the cache data. The browser and other apps of the phone use internet connectivity, so you should keep clearing the cache data. By clearing the cache data of the browser and such apps, you can solve the problem of internet speed.

In fact, to increase internet speed, physical damage should be checked. If there is a constant problem with the internet in the phone, it could be due to physical damage. In fact, to check physical damage, users should check the SIM card slot and charging port of the phone.

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