Cursed Sea codes – Roblox – April 2024

Cursed Sea codes
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Are you looking for the latest Cursed Sea codes for April 2024? If you’re a fan of the popular Roblox game, Cursed Sea, you know how crucial these codes can be. They can offer you extra luck, race rerolls, and even extra XP. But, finding the most recent and working codes can be a challenge.


In this post, we’ll share the most up-to-date Cursed Sea codes for April 2024. These codes will help you stay ahead in the game and enhance your gaming experience. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, these codes are sure to give you a boost.

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All Working codes

Code Reward
1k followers Redeem for a Race Reroll
1.5k followers Redeem for a Race Reroll
5k likes Redeem for 2x XP for an hour
blackleg Redeem for a Stats Reset
cactus Redeem for a Stats Reset
fixes Redeem for a Race Reroll
greatsword Redeem for 2x Luck (New)
hype Redeem for a Race Reroll
kami Redeem for a Race Reroll (New)
lets go Redeem for 2x Luck
lets progress Redeem for 2x XP
level 250 Redeem for a Reward (Must be level 250)
mobile! Redeem for 2x XP
oops Redeem a Stat Refund
pinto my binto Redeem for 2x Luck
race reroll 2 Redeem for a Race Reroll
race reroll 3 Redeem for a Race Reroll
race reroll always wins Redeem for a Race Reroll
ranked Redeem for a Disaster Chest (Must be level +50)
rip bounty Redeem for 2x Luck
shutdowns Redeem for 2x Luck
twitter poll Redeem for a Race Reroll
u asked Redeem for a Stat Refund (New)
yay Redeem for a Race Reroll

Expired Codes

Code Status
1K LIKES Expired
2k likes! Expired
lunarian Expired
peepeepoopoo Expired
twitter boys Expired
update soon Expired
why guys Expired
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How to Redeem Codes

If you’re wondering how to redeem codes in Cursed Sea, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch Cursed Sea on Roblox.
  2. Look for the book icon on the left side and click on it to open the menu.
  3. Navigate your way to the shop.
  4. Once you’re in the shop, find and click on the Codes tab.
  5. You’ll see a text area where you can type the code.
  6. After typing the code, hit the Redeem button to claim your reward!

What are Cursed Sea codes?

Cursed Sea codes, a popular feature in the Roblox game, Cursed Sea, are like free coupons that don’t cost any real-world money. They offer players a variety of bonuses, rerolls, or resets. These codes are released by the game developers and provide boosts, race rerolls, stat resets, and more. The best part? There are no prerequisites for redemption, making them accessible to everyone.

In this post, we will delve deeper into Cursed Sea codes, particularly focusing on the codes for April 2024. These codes can give you extra luck, race rerolls, and even extra XP. So, whether you’re just starting your journey on the high seas or are already a seasoned sailor, these codes are sure to give you a boost.

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How to Get More Cursed Sea Codes?

Cursed Sea codes provide players with bonuses, rerolls, and resets that can significantly enhance the gaming experience. But how can you get more of these valuable codes?

One of the best ways to get more Cursed Sea codes is to follow the game’s creator, X (@Bracterio), on Twitter. X often shares new codes on his Twitter feed, making it a great resource for players looking to stay ahead of the game.

Joining the Cursed Sea Discord server is another excellent way to get more codes. The community is active and friendly, and new codes are often shared in the server by the game’s developers and other players.

The Bracting Roblox group is another place where you can find more Cursed Sea codes. By joining the group, you can stay updated on all the latest news and codes related to the game.

Lastly, don’t forget to check out the YouTube channel (@Bracting). Here, you can find videos about Cursed Sea, including guides, tips, and of course, codes.

What is Cursed Sea

Cursed Sea is a captivating game on the Roblox platform that’s making waves among gamers. Created by Bracting, this game is heavily inspired by the anime series One Piece, and it takes players on an adventure across the high seas.

In Cursed Sea, players can expect a lot of looting and player versus player (PvP) elements. It’s a parry-based adventure-fighting game that takes place in the seas. As a player, you can collect tons of cursed items, learn different playstyles, and sail the open seas.

The game features a wide open world for you to explore, packed with islands and adventures aplenty. You can progress through a range of quests as you improve your mastery by taking part in battles. Wield different curses to find which is best for you and dive into PvP challenges with combat that relies on excelling in parrying.

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