GTA 6 – Live updates as PS5 Pro 60 fps leaked details

GTA 6 - Live updates as PS5 Pro 60 fps leaked details
GTA 6 – Live updates as PS5 Pro 60 fps leaked details [Image via: gtabase]

Grand Theft Auto 6 is rapidly emerging as the most eagerly awaited game ever, with its release still about 10 months away.


Ever since Rockstar Games unveiled the trailer in early December following an online leak, social media has been buzzing with leaks, speculations, and conjectures about the exact release date of the game, announcements of additional trailers, in-game content, and much more.

Given that Grand Theft Auto 5, released in 2013, was hailed as the best game of the previous decade and continues to enjoy popularity among gamers with ongoing GTA Online updates, the anticipation is hardly surprising.

As for GTA 6, Rockstar has only confirmed the details revealed in the trailer so far, including a projected release year of 2025.

Gamers are eager to learn as much as possible about the game, as the developer appears to be steadily building up anticipation for what promises to be a landmark moment in gaming history.

A key theory suggests that Rockstar might have hinted at a more specific release timeframe within 2025, based on a recent job advertisement for a 12-month fixed-term position. The job description’s mention of a ‘final product’ has sparked speculation that the game could be released within that 12-month period.

Here’s a compilation of some of the latest leaks, rumors, and theories. This will be regularly updated, so stay tuned for the latest information.

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