Genshin Impact 4.7 Livestream: All We Know About Date, Time, and What to Expect

Genshin Impact 4.7 Livestream: All We Know About Date, Time, and What to Expect
Genshin Impact 4.7 Livestream: All We Know About Date, Time, and What to Expect (Image via: @GenshinImpact X Handle)

May 24, 2024 – The world of online gaming is buzzing with anticipation. The popular game, Genshin Impact, has announced a special program. This program will preview the new version, 4.7. It’s a big day for all the travelers out there!


The special program will premiere on the official Twitch and YouTube channels. The time is set for 08:00 AM (UTC-4) on May 24, 2024. This is a date and time that gamers worldwide have marked on their calendars.

The program promises to reveal juicy details about the new game content. It will also share developments in Version 4.7. But that’s not all. The program will “drop” some redemption codes and other goodies. These are sure to delight the players.

The Genshin Impact 4.7 update is just around the corner. HoYoverse, the game’s developer, is gearing up to host this Special Program. The livestream is expected to reveal all the exciting details about the upcoming 4.7 patch. This includes new characters, weapons, quests, events, and more.

Three new playable characters are expected to be introduced in the 4.7 update. These are Sigewinne, Clorinde, and Sethos. During the livestream, players can expect a detailed showcase of these characters. This will give a glimpse into their gameplay and abilities.

The 4.7 update will also introduce new quests. Leaked information suggests that Clorinde and Sigewinne will receive new Story Quests in version 4.7. Players can expect to embark on exciting adventures with these new characters. They will meet old friends and uncover new mysteries in the world of Teyvat.

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The livestream will also feature three redemption codes. These offer rewards worth 300 Primogems, 50000 Mora, and other in-game items. These codes are usually time-limited. So, players are advised to redeem them as soon as possible.

Leaks hint at the introduction of a new recurring endgame content. This is called the Imaginarium Theater. This new mode is expected to refresh monthly. It offers players a new challenge and exciting rewards.

Several events are expected to debut in Genshin Impact 4.7. These include Water Cannon Shooter, Mobs vs. Mobs Tower Defense, a Super Mario minigame, and a Kill-with-Mechanics event.

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