Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis: Exclusive Weapon Draw Ends Soon

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis_ Exclusive Weapon Draw Ends Soon

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis, the popular mobile game, has announced the end of the draw featuring Zack and Matt’s exclusive weapons. The announcement was made via their official Twitter handle, @FFVII_EC_EN, on an unspecified date.


The tweet read, “The Draw featuring the Zack-exclusive weapon & the Matt-exclusive weapon will end Mar. 10 6:59 PM PDT. Make sure not to miss the exclusive gear Shinra Full Dress Uniform, since the Stamp Cards will also end!”

This exclusive draw has been a significant event for the players, offering them a chance to acquire unique weapons for the characters Zack and Matt. The end of this draw also marks the conclusion of the availability of the exclusive gear, Shinra Full Dress Uniform.

The announcement has urged players not to miss out on these exclusive items, reminding them that the Stamp Cards, another popular feature of the game, will also end at the same time.

The tweet has already garnered attention from the gaming community, indicating the widespread anticipation for the upcoming changes in the game.

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