Exciting Steam Sale on Palworld and Craftopia Bundles

Exciting Steam Sale on Palworld and Craftopia Bundles
Exciting Steam Sale on Palworld and Craftopia Bundles (Image via: Palworld X Handle)

Pocketpair Inc., the developer behind the popular games Palworld and Craftopia, has announced a special Steam sale. This sale offers gamers a chance to grab both Palworld and Craftopia in one bundle. If you already own one of these games, you can get the other at a discounted price. The sale started on April 4, 2024, and will run until Monday, June 3, 2024, ending at 10 AM (PT).


The sale is a part of a broader celebration for Palworld’s latest update, which introduces the first-ever raid boss to the game. This new feature adds an exciting challenge for players, offering a fresh way to engage with the game. The new raid boss, Bellanoir, brings a host of new content, making the game even more engaging. Players can summon Bellanoir using the Summoning Altar and must team up with their base pals to defeat this formidable opponent​.

In addition to the raid boss, the update includes several improvements and new features:

  • Relaxed Building Rules: Players can now enjoy more creative freedom when constructing buildings.
  • Character Remake Function: This allows players to easily change their character’s appearance.
  • Ore Mining Site: Players can now build and use an Ore Mining Site to gather more resources.
  • Electric Egg Incubator: This new item makes it easier to care for eggs without worrying about temperature.
  • New Passive Skill ‘Mercy Hit’: This skill helps players catch Pals more efficiently​.

Games on Sale

  • Palworld: A unique game that combines elements of survival, shooting, and farming in a world where humans and creatures known as Pals coexist. The new update promises to enhance the gameplay experience significantly.
  • Craftopia: A multiplayer survival action game developed in Japan, blending genres like hunting, farming, hack-and-slash, building, and automation. This game allows players to develop their own civilization.
  • AIArtImpostor: A game that challenges players to identify AI-generated art, testing their discernment skills​.
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How to Access the Sale

To take advantage of this sale, visit the Steam Store Page for Pocketpair. This is a great opportunity for gamers to get these popular titles at discounted prices. The sale not only offers these games at reduced rates but also coincides with exciting new content updates, making it a perfect time to explore what these games have to offer.

The Steam sale is an excellent chance for both new and returning players to dive into the vibrant worlds of Palworld and Craftopia. With new updates enhancing the gameplay, this sale presents an irresistible offer for gaming enthusiasts​

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