Disney Speedstorm Codes (July 2024)

Disney Speedstorm Codes
Disney Speedstorm Codes (Image via Gameloft)

Disney Speedstorm is a thrilling free-to-play kart racing game that features beloved Disney and Pixar characters. Released in July 2024, it offers exciting racing experiences and various in-game purchases. To help players advance without spending money, Gameloft regularly provides redeemable codes that unlock special rewards like gear, power-ups, and characters​.


Active Disney Speedstorm Codes

Here are the latest working codes for July 2024:

  • ARBEESEASONCO1NS: 30,000 Season Coins
  • ARBEECREW5: 5 Nicelanders Crew Shards
  • ARBEE4UNIBOX: 3 Universal Box Credits
  • ARBEEVANITY3: 1,500 Upgrade Coins, 450 Vanity Coins, Peppermint Stick avatar, and Smiling Arbee avatar
  • ARBEERACER2SHARD: 5 Oswald Shards
  • ARBEERACERSHARD2: 1,500 Upgrade Coins, 450 Vanity Coins, Peppermint Stick avatar, and Smiling Arbee avatar
  • PRSSTRTGIFT: Free Upgrade Coins​​.

Expired Codes

Some previously active codes have now expired. These include:

  • S6GIFT: 30x Energy Drink, 15x Energy Drink Duo, 5x Energy Drink Trio
  • S5GIFT
  • EJS3ygvM
  • UveolpTqB
  • kLYsWAyGOh
  • b6fIz5X2neP
  • JEFX0PrI8q
  • eyGOIrnPXXX
  • qNEmAtpYXXX
  • DS6X9PT2
  • KS3D5JR8
  • QF7G2LN4
  • HW9T1BK5
  • MJ2P4CQ7
  • RV8N3FK6
  • FB5M7GD3
  • PL1J8XK9​​.

How to Redeem Disney Speedstorm Codes

Redeeming codes in Disney Speedstorm is straightforward. You can do it either in-game or through Gameloft’s official website.

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In-Game Redemption:

  1. Launch Disney Speedstorm.
  2. Complete the tutorial to unlock Mickey Mouse.
  3. Go to the main menu and click the cog icon (Settings).
  4. Select the “Redeem Code” tab.
  5. Enter the code and hit “Search”​​.

Website Redemption:

  1. Visit the Disney Speedstorm code redeem page on Gameloft’s website.
  2. Enter your player ID for verification.
  3. Input the code and click “Redeem.”
  4. If the code is active, you’ll receive your rewards instantly​​.

How to Get More Disney Speedstorm Codes

New Disney Speedstorm codes are usually released on Gameloft’s official Twitter pages. Follow these accounts for the latest updates:

Alternatively, you can bookmark pages dedicated to listing and updating these codes. Websites like Pocket Gamer,, and Pocket Tactics frequently update their lists with new codes as they become available​​.

Additional Tips

Apart from redeeming codes, players can earn free items by participating in the single-player campaign and completing races and challenges. These activities reward players with Shards, which are used to unlock new characters and upgrade vehicles. Staying active in the game and keeping an eye on official announcements will ensure you make the most of the available rewards​.

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