Check Out the Exciting Rewards in Season 3’s Vintage Vigilance Battle Pass for COD: Mobile!

Check Out the Exciting Rewards in Season 3’s Vintage Vigilance Battle Pass for COD: Mobile!
Check Out the Exciting Rewards in Season 3’s Vintage Vigilance Battle Pass for COD: Mobile! [ Image via:]
Get ready, gamers! Call of Duty Mobile is about to launch an exhilarating new season, fittingly named “Vintage Vigilance.” The COD community has been yearning for a shift from the bright and festive themes of previous seasons, with players keenly awaiting a more grounded, realistic experience that truly captures the raw essence of Call of Duty.


Scheduled to go live on March 13th at 5:00 PM Pacific Time, this season is set to deliver a wealth of fresh content, including new weapons, maps, themed events, and rewards. It’s time to gear up for an immersive gaming experience like never before!

The buzz around the upcoming season has been fueled by recent leaks related to the battle pass weapon blueprints and character skins. These leaks have revealed a vintage aesthetic that perfectly marries nostalgia with modern warfare, sparking excitement among players worldwide. In this extended piece, we’ll delve deeper into the Battle Pass items and highlight some other notable rewards that you can look forward to.

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COD: Mobile Season 3 Vintage Vigilance Battle Pass

One of the most eagerly awaited additions to the game is the Tech 9 submachine gun. This semi-automatic weapon, which can be unlocked at Tier 21 of the new Battle Pass, is known for its enhanced accuracy, minimal recoil, and high damage output at mid-range. It’s a powerful weapon that’s sure to give players an edge on the battlefield.

But that’s not all! To further enrich the gameplay experience, players can also acquire the Havoc operator skill at Tier 14 of the free Battle Pass. This unique skill creates an area of effect that disrupts the enemy’s radar and disables their equipment within its radius, introducing a strategic element to the game that will keep players on their toes.

Season 3 Battle Pass Character Skins & Weapon Blueprints

For those who choose to purchase the Battle Pass, a treasure trove of epic rewards awaits. You can unlock operators like Silver – Deadly EleganceEthan – Grizzled DetectiveSims – Mafioso, and Seraph – Gold Deco between Tiers 1 and 50.

In addition, you can get your hands on epic blueprints such as the M13 Chrome CruiserDingo DecorateHDR Juniper Line ExpressRazorback Metropolitan, and the Tech 9 Classic skin. These rewards are sure to enhance your gaming experience and keep you coming back for more.

So, gear up and get ready to dive into the action-packed world of COD: Mobile’s Season 3 “Vintage Vigilance”! It’s time to embrace the vintage aesthetic and make your mark on the battlefield.

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