CCL Live Score 2024 Update: Chennai Rhinos vs Kerala Strikers [Chennai Rhinos Won by 9 wickets]

CCL 2024 Live Score Update: Chennai Rhinos vs Kerala Strikers - A Thrilling Encounter on March 10
CCL 2024 Live Score Update: Chennai Rhinos vs Kerala Strikers – A Thrilling Encounter on March 10 [Image via CCL Twitter Handle]

Hey there, cricket fans! Welcome to the live coverage of the Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) 2024. Today, we’re focusing on the exciting match between the Chennai Rhinos and the Kerala Strikers that took place on March 10th.


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Chennai Rhinos won by 9 wickets
Image via CCL Twitter Handle

At 22:23, it’s confirmed! Chennai has made it to the CCL Playoffs!

At 22:16, the Chennai Rhinos score the decisive run! They’ve clinched the game in just 4.1 overs! But the question remains, will this be enough for them to secure a spot in the Playoffs?

At 22:13, with nearly 4 overs completed, Chennai is just 5 runs away from victory!

At 22:05, after two overs, Chennai stands at 30/0. They’re just 13 runs away from victory with 48 balls remaining.

At 21:56, Prithvi and Ajay step up to open for Chennai! Prithvi starts off with a huge six! The score stands at 12/0 in just 0.4 overs.

At 21:47, with the last ball of the over, Kerala sets a target of 42 runs for the Chennai Rhinos! They finish their innings at 68/6.

At 21:35, after 8 overs, Kerala stands at 45/5.

At 21:28, with 26 balls remaining in this over, Kerala has managed to take a lead of just 15 runs, standing at 41/5.

At 21:21, the 5th over concludes with Kerala at 35/4, having taken a lead of 9 runs.

At 21:14, another wicket falls! Kerala is now at 25/4 in 3.5 overs.

At 21:04, Kerala loses two quick wickets in succession, leaving them at 17/2 after two overs.

At 20:54, Sidharth Menon and Siju step up to open for the Kerala Strikers, seeking redemption.

At 20:46, the innings concludes with Chennai finishing at 85/6, thus taking a lead of 26 runs.

At 20:37, the 7th over wraps up with Chennai leveling the scores.

At 20:31, Shantanu, who was previously down on the ground, is now back up! He has scored 22 runs off 21 balls.

At 19:27, another wicket falls! The score stands at 44/4 after 8 overs.

At 19:19, after 7 overs, Kerala stands at 38/3 with a strike rate of 5.43.

At 19:10, we hit the halfway mark of the first innings! The Kerala Strikers have put 24 runs on the board but at the expense of 2 wickets. The match is in full swing!

When the clock hit 19:00, the Powerplay concluded! Kerala could only muster 15 runs and lost 2 wickets in the process. The intensity of the game is ramping up!

At 18:55, Chennai bagged their first wicket! Arjun, one of Kerala’s star players, was sent back to the pavilion with just 6 runs to his name. After 2 overs, Indrajith’s team is at 12/1. The excitement is building!

At 18:50, the first over came to a close with Kerala off to a steady start, scoring 7 runs without any loss. The game is just getting started!

It’s 18:45 and the atmosphere is buzzing! The stadium is brimming with Kerala Strikers supporters, cheering their team on. The formidable pair, Arjun Nandakumar and Rajeev, are at the crease to kickstart Kerala’s innings. Let’s see what they bring to the table!

At 18:30, we began our live coverage of this nail-biting match. Both teams are hungry for a win today, more so after the Telugu Warriors kept the playoff dream alive with their 4-wicket win over Karnataka. The result of this game will decide who makes it to the playoffs.

At 18:30, we kicked off our coverage of this thrilling match. Both teams were eager to secure a win today, especially after the Telugu Warriors kept the playoff race wide open with their 4-wicket victory over Karnataka. The outcome of this game would determine who gets to advance to the playoffs.

Stay tuned, because the toss was just around the corner at 18:32. And guess what? The Kerala Strikers won the toss and chose to bat first! This was going to be an exciting match, so don’t miss out on any of the action!

At 18:45, the energy was electric! The stadium was packed with Kerala Strikers fans, showing their unwavering support. The dynamic duo, Arjun Nandakumar and Rajeev, stepped up to the crease to open for Kerala.

At 18:50, the first over wrapped up with Kerala off to a solid start, scoring 7 runs without losing any wickets. Let’s see how the game unfolds!

At 18:55, Chennai claimed their first victory! Arjun, one of Kerala’s top players, was dismissed with just 6 runs. After 2 overs, the score stood at 12/1 for Indrajith’s team. The game was heating up!

The Teams

The Chennai Rhinos, led by Jiiva, had a strong start to their CCL 2024 campaign. Vikranth’s unbeaten innings propelled them to victory in their Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) opener. Subsequently, the two-time champions secured a resounding 7-wicket triumph against the Bhojpuri Dabbanggs. However, a narrow one-run loss to the Telugu Warriors disrupted their momentum as they vie for a playoff berth.

On the other hand, the Kerala Strikers, even though they achieved a significant upset by defeating the Telugu Warriors in a last-ball thriller, losses in their first two matches cost them crucial points. The Strikers suffered defeat against the Mumbai Heroes in their first encounter and succumbed to the Bengal Tigers in the subsequent match.

The Match

The match was held in Thiruvananthapuram, with the four south teams gracing the field for the final two group stage matches. In a riveting showdown, the Chennai Rhinos took on the Kerala Strikers. The live streaming of the match was available on JioCinema.

A mere avoidance of defeat would suffice for Chennai to secure a playoff spot, although a victory might become imperative if the Telugu Warriors outperform the Karnataka Bulldozers earlier in the day. On the other hand, even a triumph might not guarantee the Kerala Strikers a place in the playoffs.


The CCL match between Chennai Rhinos and Kerala Strikers on 10th March 2024 was a testament to the spirit of cricket and the entertainment industry. Despite the challenges, both teams displayed great sportsmanship and entertained the audience with their cricketing skills. The Celebrity Cricket League continues to bring together cricket and cinema, providing a thrilling experience for the audience.

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