Blade Ball Codes Released for April 2024

Blade Ball Codes
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Are you looking for the latest Blade Ball Codes for April 2024? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This post is dedicated to providing you with the most recent and valid codes to enhance your Blade Ball gaming experience.


In this guide, we’ll be sharing the newest Blade Ball Codes released for this month. These codes can unlock new levels, provide power-ups, and offer many more exciting features. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

Please note, these codes are only valid for April 2024. Be sure to use them before they expire. Stay tuned for more updates and enjoy your gaming journey.

All Active Blade Ball Codes for April 2024

Code Reward Status
HALLOWEEN Themed Sword Skin Active
1BVISITSTHANKS Special sword Active
3MLIKES Free Spin Active
1.5BTHANKS Ball on a Stick sword Active
UPD250COINS 250 Coins Active
UPDATE.DAY Sword Skin Active
SERPENT_HYPE Free Sword Active
VISITS_TY Free Spin Active
LIVEEVENTS Free Spin Active
WINTERSPIN Free Spin Active
MERRYXMAS 150 Cookies Active
FREESPINS Free Spin Active
FREEHOURLY Free Sci-Fi Spin Active
ELEMENTSPIN Free Spin Active
LUNARNEWYEAR 108 Lucky coins Active
LAVAFLOOR 1 Lava Ticket Active
TOURNAMENTSW 1 Tournament Ticket Active
FALLINGLTM 1 Sky Ticket Active
GALAXYSEASON 150 Stars Active
RNGEMOTES Free Spin Active
ZEROGRAVITY Free Ticket Active
Recently Expired Blade Ball Codes
Code Reward Status
1MLIKES 200 Coins Expired
SORRY4DELAY 160 Coins Expired
WEEK4 Unique Sword Skin Expired
RRRANKEDDD 200 Coins Expired

How to Redeem Blade Ball Codes

To redeem codes in Blade Ball, please adhere to the following steps:

How to Redeem Blade Ball Codes
How to Redeem Blade Ball Codes [Screenshot via India Network News]
  1. Initiate Blade Ball on Roblox.
  2. Select ‘Extras’ located at the upper left corner of your screen.
  3. Input the code in the provided text field.
  4. Confirm your entry by clicking on the “√” symbol.

And there you have it! You’ve successfully redeemed your code.

What are Blade Ball Codes

Blade Ball Codes, a term often heard in the gaming community, refers to unique codes released by the game developers. These codes, akin to secret keys, unlock hidden treasures within the game, providing access to new levels, power-ups, and more.

This post will focus on the Blade Ball Codes for April 2024. These are the most recent codes, fresh off the press and ready for use. However, it’s important to note that these codes are only valid for April 2024, so be sure to use them before they expire.

How to Get More Blade Ball Codes

Blade Ball Codes are like golden tickets for gamers. They open up new levels, give power-ups, and make the game more fun. But how do you get more of these codes?

The first step is to stay updated. The game developers release new codes regularly. So, keep an eye on their official social media pages. They often share new codes there.

Another way is to join the Blade Ball community or Discord. There are many online forums and groups where players share codes they’ve found. You can also find codes in YouTube videos by popular gamers.

What is Blade Ball

Blade Ball is a game that’s quickly gaining popularity. It’s a unique game available on Roblox that combines elements of dodgeball and battle royale.

In Blade Ball, players are put into a field where a ball spawns and starts to follow one of them. The key to survival is hitting the ball, which then flies even faster in the direction it was hit. It’s a game of focus and skill as a deflectable homing ball hunts players with increasing speed.

But there’s more to Blade Ball than just hitting a ball. Players can gain new abilities and upgrade them to match their playstyle. They can also stand out with a variety of iconic weapon skins and finisher effects.

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