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Stay in the know with our Genshin Impact events schedule, ensuring you’re always part of the action. We track all current and upcoming events, dates, and more, so you won’t miss a thing. From limited-time dungeons to whimsical escapades, our guide keeps you updated on Teyvat’s fun festivities. Your calendar stays filled with exciting shenanigans.


Given weekly changes in the Genshin events schedule, make it a habit to check back regularly. Stay tuned for the latest updates, keeping the adventure alive! Discover Genshin Impact’s dynamic world through our events schedule, guaranteeing you never miss a thrill in Teyvat. From exclusive dungeons to charming escapades, our guide ensures a calendar packed with excitement between major releases. Stay connected with the pulse of Genshin Impact, exploring an ever-evolving world of engaging gameplay.

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Current Events:

  • Roses and Muskets (Dec 21 – Jan 8): Immerse yourself in the Fontaine film festival with mini-games and a coveted four-star claymore.
  • Gazing Up at Eternity (Dec 20 – Jan 30): Obtain a free, exclusive Rex Lapis furnishing in collaboration with the Sanxingdui Museum.
  • Ancient Treasures Unearthed (Dec 20 – Jan 2): Participate in the web event, selecting relics for enticing in-game rewards.

Upcoming Events:

  • Arataki Blazing Armor Beetle Battle Boot Camp (Version 4.3): Prepare for the return of Itto in Liyue, engaging in exhilarating beetle battles for primos and more.
  • Lost Riches (Jan 2 – 15): Journey to Fontaine, aid Ulman in his business plans, and earn promos, hero’s wit, and additional rewards.
  • Dance of Resolute Will (Version 4.3): Encounter a unique swords master in the Fontaine countryside, accept the challenge, and reap plentiful rewards.
  • Liben’s Daily Commissions (Version 4.3): Exchange select items for daily rewards with Liben.

Genshin Impact web events

Unlock the mysteries in the Genshin Impact web event – Ancient Treasures Unearthed, running from December 20 to January 2. This celebration of the collaboration between Genshin and the Sanxingdui Museum invites you to decipher descriptions and select the correct relics for lucrative in-game rewards. Dive into the intrigue by visiting the event page and participating in this engaging challenge. Your journey into Teyvat’s hidden treasures awaits!

Genshin Impact Codes
Genshin Impact Codes

Stay informed about Genshin Impact events for a richer gaming experience. For additional open-world excitement, explore our curated list of games similar to Genshin Impact.

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