AFK Arena codes (April 2024)

AFK Arena codes
AFK Arena codes

Hey there, AFK Arena fans! This April 2024, we’re stepping into the magical world of AFK Arena codes. Think of these codes as your secret keys, unlocking a chest full of free goodies in the game. And let’s be real, who doesn’t love a good freebie?


AFK Arena is a game loved by many where you can gather a team of heroes and go on thrilling quests. But sometimes, a little extra boost can be really helpful. That’s where these codes come in. They give you free items like diamonds, gold, and scrolls, which can make your heroes stronger.

You might be wondering, “Where do I find these secret Redeem codes?” The game developers, Lilith Games, often release these codes. You can find them on the game’s official social media channels or websites like ours. Remember, these codes have an expiration date, so it’s smart to use them as soon as you find them. Plus, new codes are released regularly. So, keep an eye on our website for the latest updates on AFK Arena codes.

What are these codes?

AFK Arena is a fun game where you can gather and level up heroes. The game developers, Lilith Games, occasionally share unique codes that you can redeem for free goodies in the game. These codes can reward you with items like diamonds, gold, and hero scrolls. These items can boost your power in the game. Codes are unique combinations of letters or numbers that you can enter into the game to claim free rewards.

Code Reward Status
afk888 300 diamonds, 20k gold, and 100 hero’s essence Available
misevj66yi 60 rare hero soulstones, 500 diamonds, and five common hero scrolls Available
mystery2023 Unlock a mirror image Available
special2023 Gain powers of reflection Available
graveborn A graveborn sticker Available
wilder A wilder sticker Available
bj6xb8kehv Ten emblems New
at7i63zyga Ten stargazer scrolls, ten faction scrolls, and 60 soulstones New
mauler A mauler sticker Available
lightbearer A lightbearer sticker Available

Remember, you can input these codes into the game to claim free rewards!

How do I use these codes?

Redeeming these codes is super easy! Here’s how you do it:

  1. Visit the Website: Lilith Games has a special website for code redemption. So, your first step is to visit this website.
  2. Locate Your UID: Your UID is a unique identifier that the game uses to recognize you. You can find this number by clicking on your character’s avatar in the top left corner of the game.
  3. Input Your UID: Once you’ve found your UID, you need to input it on the website.
  4. Obtain a Verification Code: After you input your UID, click the ‘Send Code’ button. This will send a verification code to your in-game mailbox. You can find your mailbox on the right side of the main game screen.
  5. Input the Code: Now, go back to the website and input the verification code. Then, click ‘log in’. After that, you can input your AFK Arena code. This will send the rewards to your in-game mailbox.

And voila! You now know how to redeem your AFK Arena codes.

Where can I find more codes?

New codes for AFK Arena are released regularly. So, make sure to check back often to see if there are new codes you can redeem. Remember, using these codes can speed up your progress in the game, so don’t miss out on using them!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are AFK Arena codes?
AFK Arena codes are special codes provided by the game developers. These codes can be redeemed for free rewards in the game, such as diamonds, gold, and hero scrolls.

Where can I find AFK Arena codes?
AFK Arena codes are often released on the game’s official social media pages, in-game announcements, or on gaming websites and forums.

How do I redeem AFK Arena codes?
To redeem AFK Arena codes, you need to go to the official code redemption website, enter your UID, and then enter the code. The rewards will be sent to your in-game mailbox.

Do AFK Arena codes expire?
Yes, AFK Arena codes do expire after a certain period. It’s recommended to redeem them as soon as possible.

Why can’t I redeem my AFK Arena code?
If you’re having trouble redeeming a code, it might be because the code has expired, it has already been used, or you might have entered it incorrectly. Make sure to double-check the code and try again.

Can I use the same AFK Arena code more than once?
No, each AFK Arena code can only be used once per account. Once you’ve redeemed a code, it can’t be used again.

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